Our Solar Share program makes it easier and more affordable than ever to grab your piece of the sun. Our new payment program lets you spread out the cost of your solar power subscription over 18 to 30 months. Get the benefit of solar power right away, at a cost of as little as $16 per month*. At the end of the term, all that earth-friendly solar gets you monthly credit on your bill — all the way through December 2033!

No permits, no panels, and no complex equipment to install. It’s a community solar program designed just for you.

Now is the time to partner with the sun and power your future. It’s a wise investment in solar savings.

Solar Share Payment Model

Solar Share
Buy in “A”Rebate “B”Discounted Price (C=A-B)MonthsTotal InterestPaymentGrand TotalEstimated PV (kWh)Energy CreditMeter ChargeStandby ChargeNet Payment*Payback with payment model (yrs)Payback without payment model (yrs)

*The “net payment” is the approximate monthly payment customers pay after receiving their energy credit from their solar panels and paying the meter fee and standby charges.

Solar Share Home Application

Solar Share Business Application


**Subscriptions start as low as $450 per kW after rebate. Energy credits will be paid through Dec. 20, 2033. Participation requires Santee Cooper payment qualifications, installation of a special meter and is subject to fees, terms and conditions as set forth in the Santee Cooper DG Rider and other program documentation. Assumptions: Colleton Solar Farm subscription price of $1.75/watt. Community Solar rebates are capped at 6 kW of capacity. Determination of excess consumption based on hourly profiles/ratios created using Colleton Solar Farm output (Avg. 2014-2015) and residential load survey consumption data from 2014. Assumes 16 years ownership beginning in 2018. Payback times will vary by customer and depend on your particular energy consumption, applicable interest rate, weather and other considerations.